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Flatbed Towing / Cheap towing San Diego
  • ever since the use of motorized vehicles began, situations arose where there was a need to tow a vehicle which had become incapacitated. Different methods of towing were devised and had evolved over the years into the ones San Diego Towing uses today, flatbed towing among them. With Towing San Diego flatbed tows, the entire vehicle is transported while laying on one uniform flat surface, no part of it is in contact with the road. In essence, this characteristic is what separates flatbed towing from other methods of towing (dolly towing or wheel lift for instance) where two or more of the towed vehicle’s wheels remain in contact with the road during the entire length of the tow. Primary Towing flatbeds have become a very popular towing method and for good reason, it is considered very safe and extremely efficient. It is true that professional towing technicians are able to conduct tow jobs of any kind with no mishap. Still, flatbed towing is known throughout the towing industry as the safest among all towing techniques. In the care of our trained, experienced towing professional, loading the towed vehicle onto a flatbed tow truck becomes a smooth speedy operation. Generally speaking, for Tow Truck San Diego, it takes about half the time to load a vehicle onto a flatbed tow truck than onto our wheel-lift tow trucks.
  • At Towing San Diego, our staff consists only of highly qualified, experienced towing operators. Our extensive fleet of tow trucks includes several flatbed towing rigs ensuring one will be available whenever needed. In many cases there may be a choice between several kinds of towing equipment but roughly 1/3 of Primary Towing calls specifically require flatbed towing as the only possibility, among such cases is towing a vehicle with a broken axle, motorcycle towing and towing vehicles badly damaged in crashes. Another advantage of San Diego Towing flatbeds is their multi-tasking capabilities: winching over a vehicle that has flipped, pulling vehicles back onto the roadway and the capacity to tow two vehicles simultaneously using the boom extension. The flat-bed rigs at Tow Truck San Diego are state of the art 2011 Dodge 5500 H.D. Turbo Diesel equipped with satellite navigation, overhead strobe, complete PPE hydraulics and winch. San Diego Towing flat-beds are rated to carry 20,500 pounds or, over 10 tons, which qualifies the truck to load tremendous capacity. The Cummins drive train is the strongest and most reliable motor in the industry which helps San Diego Tow Truck provide the best service available. The diesel engine design delivers more than ample power and is surprisingly fuel efficient. Dependable equipment helps Cheap Towing San Diego technicians perform at their best and is critical for each and every towing operation Tow Truck San Diego undertakes. When your time of need arises, simply call us at (619) 228-7888 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s better to know us and not need us than to not know us and be in the dark!
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