Illegal Parking

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Illegal parking is a common nuisance which usually stems from a motorist’s ignorance, misunderstanding, absent mindedness through to one’s conscious attitude of self-entitlement. San Diego Towing is regularly called in response to parking violators on private property and public roadways. Primary Towing advises awareness and compliance of the posted parking regulations as the most effective prevention against being cited and/or towed. Towing San Diego notes that people commonly will park in an area and proceed to shop elsewhere. This is frequently noted by the owner/ manager of proprietorship and makes parking that much more difficult for compliant customers. Ironically, the violator is physically distant enough from his car to visually miss the tow away- a type of double entendre.  +1 619 228 7888  emergency towing San Diego
Cheap Towing San Diego encounters all types of public curbside violations and is usually called in by the San Diego Police Department for these situations. There are 5 colored curb parking rules which are strictly enforced by police as well as traffic officers (“meter maids”). The white curb is for passenger pick-up or drop-off only; the green curb is for limited parking and will have a sign close by or be printed on the curb; the yellow curb is for limited passenger or freight loading as posted; the red curb prohibits any standing, stopping or parking; the blue curb only permits a disabled person or their driver with said placard or a special license plate to park with unlimited time use. San Diego Towing notes that the crosshatched diagonally lined area adjacent to a designated disabled parking space is also a no parking zone that is reserved for handicapped loading use only.

 Illegal Parking
Illegal Parking  +1 619 228 7888  emergency towing San Diego
Tow Truck San Diego notes other illegal parking situations that warrant being towed. Motorists are prohibited from leaving their vehicle anywhere there is a “no parking” sign posted; on a marked or unmarked crosswalk, sidewalk, partially blocking a sidewalk, or in front of a driveway; within 3 feet of a sidewalk ramp for disabled persons; in a disabled person’s parking space, or its adjacent loading space; in a zero-emission vehicle space; in a tunnel or bridge except where permitted by signs; within 15 feet of a fire hydrant or fire station driveway; within 7 ½ feet of a railroad track; between a safety zone and the curb; “double parking;” on the wrong side of the street; at a red curb; on a freeway except in an emergency, a stop by a peace officer, or where a stop is specifically permitted. Any other automobile left standing on a freeway for more than 4 hours may be removed per CVC 22651f. San Diego Towing cites the obvious safety reasons for this and is fully trained as well as equipped to transport all vehicles to storage or the mechanic of your choice. Clearing the roadways of potential hazards is Primary Towing’s main emphasis, for the improved security of all motorists. Towing San Diego professionally embodies our trade in as much of a moral obligation as experts of the trade.  +1 619 228 7888  emergency towing San Diego
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