Private Property Impound

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Private Property Impound (PPI) is probably the least desirable form of towing that San Diego Tow Truck performs but is a necessary and common response that is needed when parking violation occurs. San Diego Towing realizes the importance of having adequate parking for your residents, customers, vendors, visitors and employees. The self-entitled motorist that ignores the posted parking policy which specifically identifies a tow away zone and the results of a violation, namely, being towed, only further complicate your property management responsibilities. That is where Towing San Diego comes in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with simple resolution achieved by professional expediency.  +1 619 228 7888  emergency towing San Diego

Cheap   Emergency Towing San Diego has the right equipment for each and every situation and the experienced towing technicians to get the job done seamlessly and proficiently. It’s all we do at Tow Truck San Diego and therefore, we make it look easy after our years of training and experience. Above and beyond PPI, San Diego Tow Truck provides collision assistance, winch outs, jump starting, lock out/ locksmith services (digital, chip or keyed), flat tire re-inflation/replacement, fuel delivery and, of course, all towing techniques.

Private Property Impound
Private Property Impound  +1 619 228 7888  emergency towing San Diego

Primary Towing professionals will arrive anywhere within the San Diego County region within 30 minutes, assess the situation and produce results that guarantee your satisfaction promptly and accurately. Safety is the universal emphasis with San Diego Towing on each and every towing operation, from dispatch through to arrival and up to disconnecting your car or truck upon release. The key difference with Towing San Diego is PRIDE, a simple, honorable value that goes a long way with our customer relation and invariably yields us continuous word of mouth referrals as well as many happy clients. In the end, your safety and satisfaction is our ultimate goal at Tow Truck San Diego. Your protection and assistance is as much our moral obligation as our professional calling at San Diego Tow Truck.  +1 619 228 7888  emergency towing San Diego

Cheap Towing San Diego provides parking permits to be used by your tenants, visitors, vendors or staff. Furthermore, San Diego Towing will install our tow away signage postings and replacements as well as painting your fire lanes and no-parking areas.   Emergency  Towing San Diego utilizes digital time/date photography of each impound as it occurs: from hook-up, transit to delivery and impound for complete case documentation and verification of the vehicle condition before and after the PPI event/towing rendered. At San Diego Towing, our quality goes into each towing before our name goes on it- GUARANTEED.


Tow Truck San Diego notes that the towing industry often enough, suffers from a negative stereotyping stigma. One that inherently reflects that of a sloppy, unethical tow truck driver who consciously or unknowingly takes advantage of the victimized motorist’s situation. It shouldn’t be this way and isn’t when you call San Diego Towing.  Emergency  Towing San Diego believe strongly that the customer is always right and invite you to be the judge by simply dialing us at (619) 228-7888.  +1 619 228 7888  emergency towing San Diego

It’s better to know us and not need us than to not know us and be in the dark!