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Winching is an age old technique of pulling an object from point A to point B and one that San Diego Towing has mastered. It is more than having a cool piece of hardware on the front of your rig and is a responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Towing San Diego utilizes bed-mounted winches for our work, be it a vehicle that has left the roadway, flipped and needs righting or maneuvering an automobile for loading or hook-up. These machines are obviously valuable tools in the towing trade and require intense training in order to utilize them to their maximum capacity.  +1 619 228 7888   towing San Diego

Proper rigging of the winch is very important and Tow Truck San Diego technicians are thoroughly trained and certified in these winching techniques. San Diego Tow Truck uses only tempered chain, clevis D-shackles and hooks to provide the strongest, safest connections to your vehicle.  Emergency Towing San Diego implements a recovery strap on each winch line as a means of insurance in the case of any breach in the winching process; they are intended to stretch upon load transfer and will store lots of energy. If there is a break, then the recovery strap acts as a rubber band for the shackle or winch hook. Cheap Towing San Diego operators realize the immense kinetic strength at play during any winching operation and take the time to carefully assess the situation before going into action.  +1 619 228 7888  towing San Diego

Winch Out | Emergency towing San Diego
Winch Out | Emergency towing San Diego

Often enough, Primary Towing finds it necessary to winch a vehicle out of a tight space or predicament just to enable loading it onto the flat-bed or hooking it up to the wheel-lift truck. This skill separates the men from the boys, which, San Diego Towing does not employ. Towing San Diego DOES NOT COMPROMISE the safety of your vehicle or the quality of our profession. See what our patrons say at; we’ve built our business on satisfied clients and their word of mouth referrals. At Tow Truck San Diego, the customer is ALWAYS RIGHT.  +1 619 228 7888   towing San Diego

Besides complete winching, San Diego Tow Truck provides all roadside services including collision assistance, jump starts, battery replacements, lock-out service, flat tire replacement/inflation, fuel delivery and towing to serves all your needs, big or small. One call to San Diego Towing does it all: (619)228-7888 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Emergency Towing San Diego works with the insurance companies, California Highway Patrol and the local authorities to keep our streets and highways safer for all motorists. Primary Towing technicians are dedicated to quality performance in a prompt, accurate manner. Their progressive training reflects in the constant problem solving arena of towing and is continually being improved upon with new techniques as well as state of the art equipment evolution.  +1 619 228 7888   towing San Diego

In some regards, providing our towing and roadside assistance includes an aspect of social responsibility that San Diego Towing is proud to embody. Southern California, with its share of aggressive drivers, bumper to bumper traffic and road hazards suffers with accidents every few seconds. This is what we remedy, daily, and professionally.  +1 619 228 7888   towing San Diego

It’s better to know us and not need us than to not know us and be in the dark!